The Dean of Students' office of the Jordan University College exists chiefly to facilitate the attainment of the values and goals for which Jordan University College was established. The office of the Dean of Students serves in a multifaceted manner as to support Jordan University College produce people of integrally excellent repute that can Teach all Nations. Consequently, the office is committed in promoting good morals and academic excellence among the students. It addresses issues that entrench/enhance environment conducive for human actualization, such as students' health and safety, solidarity and fraternity. As the office of Dean of Students vouches for the students' rights, it equally tasks them to discharge their responsibilities.

The Dean of Students invites all the students to contribute towards making Jordan University College a center of excellence in various ramifications. Students can contact the Dean of Students' office for their problems and issues of concerns:

  •   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  •  0654401552

Especially to the new students, the office of the Dean of Students welcomes you to Jordan University College. 

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