A Constituent College of St. Augustine University of Tanzania
P.O.Box 1878 Morogoro, Tanzania, Email :, Mobile : +255735604854
Admission - Mobile : +255 717 781 455 / 783 659 567 / 765 660 606

The College is devoted to create and expand opportunities for quality higher education in Tanzania and beyond by offering competitive, demand-driven and community-relevant academic and professional degree and non-degree programs.

Medical Services

There is medical service provided by our College Health Center, students will subscribe to the services by either paying the medical fee or getting registered with Health Insurance. It is important to note that prior to admission a student is required to provide the College with satisfactory medical report, including a chest X-ray from a recognized medical practitioner or medical officer.

Catering and Cafeteria

The College has commercialised cafeteria where students are required to pay for their meals and this is not part of the overall fee. Since On-Campus hostels do not provide cooking facilities students are not allowed to prepare meals inside their hostels.

Sports, Recreation and Entertainment

The College provides facilities and opportunities for a wide range of sports activities, recreation and entertainments. These include playgrounds for football, volleyball, basketball, and netball. Other recreational activities are incorporated in the events like Talent’s Day and Kitenge Day to gives our students the platform to exhibit and exercise their talents.

Students’ Union

The College has a Students’ Union “Jordan University College Students’ Organisation” (JUCSO) of which all students are automatically members by registration. The JUCSO Office is under the mentorship of the Office of the Dean of Students. The organization is an important link between students and the College management. The organization contributes in decision making on matters that affect students’ welfare, social activities, sports and games and entertainment. Major roles of JUCSO include;

  1. To represent students in the College participatory organs.
  2. To ensure academic and social wellbeing of JUCo students.
  3. To liaise with other Universities and Colleges for exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences.
Bookshop & Stationery Services

There are number of private businesses at the College premises which operates the bookshops and stationeries. Services include sell of reading and studying materials, textbooks and other stationeries to students.

Students' By-Laws
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