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It has been realized that each academic year, a huge number of students request for postponement of studies due to financial constraints. Some students end up dropping out of college while others continue living as vagabonds, on Jordan University College (JUCo) campus. The experience that JUCo has is that, only a few students who postpone their studies on financial problems, do return to the College to complete their studies in the following year(s). The JUCo database shows that, from the academic year 2012/2013 to 2018/2019, a total of 184 students postponed their studies because of failing to pay their fees. Over the same years, only 40 out of 184 students returned to complete their studies. For that reason, on 15th, January 2020, JUCo launched a students’ scholarship fund known as Francis Jordan Fund (FJF) in order to help needy students, realize their dreams.

Francis Jordan is the founder of the Society of the Divine Saviour (SDS) commonly known as Salvatorians, who own Jordan University College.