Justification of the Programme

In today's world of religious pluralism and widely incompatible views of spirituality, it is ever more indispensable to raise a human generation well-informed about the diverse religious world around them and their own beliefs. Following this fact, the Bachelor of Education with Religious Studies (BAERS) at Jordan University College (JUCO) is uniquely positioned to prepare students for thoughtful, religious education and Christian engagement suitable in the 21st century world through an extensive range of courses in education and philosophy foundation, Biblical Studies and Christian theology, practical ministry and other aspects of religious thought and educational practice.

This programme is conceived from the shortage of religious education in many secondary schools and institutes of higher learning, especially in Tanzania and in Africa at large. It is a programme carefully designed to give students an opportunity to prepare themselves as competent teachers for religious education in the particular areas mentioned just above and to help them develop and grow intellectually, personally, and spiritually as they seek to follow God's call in their lives. It is, thus, a programme well-prepared for the ongoing quest of not only the education of competent teachers of religion classes but also of secular ones and the formation of leaders who will contribute for a change in the world.

The BA in Education with Religious Studies opens up a number of opportunities for students; they will consequently be able to teach at least two subjects with competence. Besides, the degree provides a strong foundation in education studies for students who want to pursue further studies in graduate colleges (for example: in social science, journalism, government, religion, etc.). It is also well-suited for those wanting to move directly into ministry, a service organization, or another organization in which critical thinking and creative leadership grounded in a Christian worldview is required.


Total cost Per Year 1,770,000 TZS 

Duration of the Programme

This is a three year programme

Objectives of the Programme

Taking into consideration the diverse religious context of our global human community and in particular the religious pluralistic reality and education situation in Africa, this programme aims to prepare students to explore the dynamics of religious life and discourse in light of Biblical Christian thought and theology reconciled with the secular educational fields. The programme main goals are thus:

  • To enable students gaining a better understanding of the world in which they live and are called to serve; by providing them quality education as one step forward for excellent preparation for students planning to pursue graduate studies in religion or in any number of fields including education, philosophy, sociology or African studies.
  • To provide students an appreciation of the global dimensions of religious traditions, religious dialogue and the study of religion and intellectual discourse founded on the African mentality and culture.
  • To provide to students not only a broad understanding of Christian theology and Scripture but also an extensive appreciation of knowledge in education of social science, natural science, and even technological skills in computer so as to cope in the fast running world of advancement in science and technology.
  • To provide to students an ability to discuss issues relating to religious beliefs, practices, values and history and to examine them from a variety of perspectives.
  • To provide to students ability to access credible research resources in order to understand, explore, and critique complex ideas in religious as well as in educational aspects.
  • To provide to students an opportunity to reflect on strategies related to practical application of religious and didactic ideas within the global context without keeping aside the African perspective and cultural situation.

All in all, however, our faculty aims to direct students not just intellectually, but also personally in all of the courses found herein; the objective is to produce elites who will be able to serve not only as scholars and teachers, but also as mentors and guides in navigating our complex religious world of advancement in science and technology and the array of approaches to religion, education, ministry, and the pressing questions of our post-modern world, in particular the African state of affairs and the inculturation issue.

Content of the Programme

The following areas are covered by the programme:

  • Foundation and Institutional Courses
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Scripture
  • Liturgy
  • Systematic, Moral and Spiritual Theology
  • Pastoral Theology
  • Canon Law
  • Religions
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