Law is life; it cross cut our day to day lives, the life of human being is organized, structured and systematized with law. Despite the fact that law promotes the respect of human life in the society it however plays a significant and substantial role in almost all spheres and scopes of modern life. After getting a bachelor of laws one may wish to enter into the legal profession or join a wide variety of other careers for instance banking, insurance, commerce and management and few to mention. Consequently law has two diverse characters. It is an academic discipline worthy of study on its own right as well as a necessary preliminary for entry into the Tanzanian legal profession.

Jordan University College (JUCO), a constituent university college of the Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), has chosen law to be one of the programs it is going to run. This programme will prepare students to either join the legal profession or a number of other careers. The department of law, under the control of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, will have the obligation to offer legal education aimed at providing theoretical knowledge, analytical and practical skills which are necessary to produce society-conscious lawyers who can contribute to the development of their country and the international community.


Total cost for the 1st year of studies 1,710,000 TZS 

Duration of the Programme

This is a four (4) year programme

Objectives of the Programme

The LL.B degree programme is intended to produce graduates who are well equipped with the necessary legal knowledge and skills for the managing different levels of legal positions both in the public and private sectors. The LL.B degree programme at JUCO aims at:

  • Providing a thorough and basic training in law and the legal techniques required for successful practice of law and scholarly work in law;
  • Preparing graduates for the lawyer’s responsibility to improve the administration of justice and providing government and community leadership;
  • Developing legal and practical skills and inculcating ethical principles;
  • Challenging students to think critically;
  • Producing a society conscious lawyers;
  • Imparting to students sufficient legal research skills,
  • Imparting to students sufficient analytical skills
  • Imparting to students sufficient legal counseling skills;
  • Imparting to students sufficient advocacy skills;
  • Imparting to students sufficient legal documentation skills;
  • Imparting to students sufficient negotiation skills;
  • Imparting to students sufficient craftsmanship skills;
  • Imparting to students sufficient legal procedural skills;
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