The Certificate in Religious Studies programme provides a strong intellectual foundation for students who want to pursue further studies in higher learning institutions. It is also well-suited for those willing to move directly into ministry, a service organization, or another organization in which critical thinking and creative leadership grounded in a Christian worldview and well-informed humanity are required.


Entry Requirements for the Certificate in Religious Studies (NTA Level 4):

  1. Possession of at least four (4) passes in relevant subjects in the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE)
  2. Possession of the National Vocational Award (NVA) Level III (Trade test Grade I) in a relevant field and a Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE).

NB: Candidates seeking admission through Equivalent Entry Scheme should contact the Admission Office
For more information go to 
Admission & Requirements

Fees (Academic Year 2015/2016)

Total cost 900,000 TZS (payable in 4 instalments: at the registration 546,000 TZS and the remaining amount in 3 other instalments).

Duration of the Programme

The Certificate is one year programme.

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