Man is constantly in search of something. He always searches for the unknown to which he has had a little access in the past by means of experiences, events, and persons. Of course, the role of inspiration cannot be ruled out. All the growth and development that the contemporary era embraces are just merely the aftermath of man's tireless search. Usually failures and setbacks have preceded his success. Despite all hardships and adversities, he goes forth being impelled by the thirst for a better world and better life.

An enthusiastic crowd of vigorous young men, just above a hundred in number, pursue their search for the re-discovery of the relevance of substantial factors such as the existence (being) of God and the relationship between that God and man, the constitutional elements of a human person, his desire for knowledge, complementality of faith and reason, the way of living a good life, Revelation in word and deed, the pronouncements of the church etc., under the able guidance of competent and skilled professors at the Salvatorian Major Seminary.

The first issue of the magazine of the campus Kola Hill Digest explicates and highlights the outcome of our search and research. It is the digest of what we digest. It reveals the creativity and originality of our thinking and reflection. I express my genuine gratitude to those who rendered their support to bring out this issue.

Thomas Chozhithara, MSFS

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