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JUCo Video Contest: Promoting JUCo Academic Quality and Services

Director of Outreach and Internationalization would like to thank all participants of the JUCo Video Contest for their dedication in advertising and promoting our University.

Advertising is an investment! There is no single company, factory or university that would aspire to grow locally and internationally, without investing into advertising industry. Propaganda methods and its quality used in the process, are of the same importance. Our world become increasingly visual and actually uses more and more pictures to communicate any kind of information. We may notice the same in our daily life especially in using any sort of social media. Advertising has the power to influence people.

Our University has celebrated recently 25 years of its academic service in Tanzania. This anniversary became a great opportunity to manifest JUCo’s great desire to continue its academic service in Tanzania by offering continuously better performance by investing into education, into research and into the overall human development. We should agree that all this cannot be achieved without promoting and investing into marketing.

Theoretically, every academic and administrative staff member, every student - right from the beginning of JUCo’s history – could be, should be and must be an ambassador of JUCo, the Alma Mater! In this historical moment of celebrating the 25th anniversary, we should admit that little was done in promoting our college as one of the best and the fastest growing Institute of Excellence. Obviously, we should acknowledge Prof. Bernad Witek who restlessly promotes JUCo through any kind of social media and who actually is the pioneer of this kind of publicizing JUCo.

The Director of Outreach and Internationalization took the 25th anniversary as best opportunity to propose a competition in order to advertise JUCo by picture and sound. Seeing that this idea has never been attempted before, it gave rise to the JUCO Video Competition that was open for both Alumni and Student of the college. The Directorate sponsored all awards of this contest that involved submission of various video clips that aimed at promoting JUCO’s Academic Quality and Service. Participants were to create a maximum 3 minutes video promoting and advertising JUCo as the fastest growing and one of the best private academic institutions in Tanzania. All submitted videos created in accordance to internal regulations, were judged by the following members of a committee.

  1. Prof. Daniel Mkude (DPAA)
  2. Dr. Tadeusz Jarosz (SDS)
  3. Mrs. Eng. Catherine Ongoro (HoD ICT)
  4. Mr. Mkubya Rafael Wambura (JUCO Planning Officer)
  5. Mr. Crispo Haule (ICT Manager)
  6. Dr. Jacek Gorka (DOI)

We would like to acknowledge voluntarily involvement of JUCSO members into this Competition, especially the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Campus Issues, Ms. A. Sanga for advertising it simutanously.

Below are names of the top five winners of the contest.

  1. Level Winner Raj
  2. Francis Mathew Mimbi
  3. Meshack Wajadi
  4. Judith Ayoma
  5. Lucia Kasema